IoToken is the Network for IoT Devices

We are the ecosystem for the Internet of Things devices to enable device discovery, authentication, communication and transaction.

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What is IoToken


The world of IoT and Digital Assets manifests itself in silos of information. When these digital assets need to function in ecosystems that involve multiple entities and need to transcend trust boundaries, it poses a challenge with the status quo in technology. If the promise of smart cities or self-driving cars and other such initiatives are to come to fruition, it requires a technology substrate wherein digital assets can discover, authenticate, communicate and transact securely.


Our vision is a world in which the certifiable tracking and compliance of digital assets function. These digital assets would need to interact with other digital assets in ecosystems in which the ownership of such assets may involve multiple entities. This requires transcending trust boundaries and necessitates the development of a technology substrate for facilitating device discovery, authentication, communication and transaction management. We provide those building blocks to meet the needs of our fast evolving technology landscape.


We have developed a Digital Asset Management platform that tracks asset performance and compliance utilizing IoT and Distributed Ledger technology. Our technology is end to end from data acquisition through sensors to Ethereum/IOTA integration. We have cracked the code for digital ID management, product provenance, information validation, usage based billing, and smart contracts for a sharing economy.

IoToken Uses Cases

The best way we know on how to demonstrate the need for our technology is through some everyday use cases that everyone can relate to. We present four such use cases below. Kindly click on each icon and watch the animation. If we were to describe in words, basically the common thread among all the examples is that when we transition into an ecosystem where devices or digital assets are owned by different entities, trust issues crop up. To address such trust issues, we need a technology platform to help mediate the issues. The NetObjex platform with IoToken will help do just that.

IoToken Features

Smart Contracts for Sharing Economy

The sharing economy e.g. Uber, AirBNB is in full swing. we enable other businesses to unlock their own spare capacity through smart contracts and usage metrics to generate revenuesnot only five centuries.

Usage Based Billing

The power of IoT comes to light when one can modify business models. One such ability is usage based billing and now that is possible across multiple domains by virtue of better data acquisition methods using IoT.

Information Validation

Ensuring that an item is what it claims to be may seem basic at the surface but much more compli- cated at the core. We enabled consumers and enterprises to discern between new and used, fake and genuine products through this facility.

Product Provenance

We have the ability to track products as they make their way through an assembly line or any other step-wise process cycle to ensure they have completed each stage

ID management for All Devices

We have a Universal ID for all devices that enables one to uniquely identity all devices..

IoToken is the first of its platform that combines:

  • Edge hardware to act as a conduit between the physical and digital worlds. Choice of communication platforms level architecture.
  • IoT Cloud platform for data acquisition, actuation, rules, analytics, machine learning, notifications & messaging, and more
  • ERC20 Token and Blockchain integration for device discovery, authentication and transaction management.
  • Discover
  • Transact
  • Authentificate
  • Communicate

Reference Implementations

Warranty Compliance This DApp enables one to check if a given product is under warranty by reading its UBC Code via a QR Code reader on a mobile phone, doing a lookup in the Blockchain. View Source
DiscoverCounterfeit Tracking This DApp enables one to scan the QR code of a UBC Code to determine how many owners a given product has had. For new products, the ownership will be none, for other products it will show owner(s). By this, one can easily verify if a product is counterfeit by the virtue of the fact if a counterfeit product is being passed off as new, Its ID would have been registered in the blockchain. View Source
Usage Based Billing Here we model the communication between a car and a parking meter. The DApp receives the communication from the Parking Meter as to its ID, the rate ($/min). At the end of the session, the parking meter, sends the information on how long the parking session has been charges the car a fee for the time parked. View Source
Drone Delivery Certification Here we model the communication between a drone and a dronepad at the destination. The dronepad will receive the droneID and request the ordered of the shipment being delivered. The dronepad will verify this ordered is being expected for delivery. If yes, the signal the drone to unload the goods, otherwise deny landing rights to the drone. View Source

IoToken Road Map

1. Digital Operating Platform for Smart Devices v2 launched

The NetObjex Digital Operating Platform for Smart Devices version 2 was launched complete with Blockchain Integration .

2. Interoperability Layer launched

The Distributed Ledger Query Language and interoperability with multiple ledgers including Ethereum, Hyperledger, IOTA, and launched.

3.Decentralized Registry launched

Decentralized Registry for Smart Devices, Energy Data Marketplace trading in Renewable Energy Certificates, and support for interoperability with Stellar completed. 

4. Security Token and Updated Whitepaper

Development of ST-20 Security token and updated whitepaper to reflect STO Offering.

5. Pre Sale of Security Tokens

Presale of security tokens to accredited investors begins.​

6. Crowdsale of Security Tokens

Commencement of crowdsale of security tokens to accredited investors ​

IoToken Sale Terms

We have a compelling platform and business

  • 5 billion pre-mined tokens
  • Tokens will be based on ST-20
  • 20% sold in the tokensale
  • 35% retained for future issuance as the network/infrastructure/applications are further developed
  • 30% allocated for distribution
  • 10% to cover tokensale costs
  • 5% employees and management team
  • Purchase methods: BTC, ETH
  • If oversubscription of token sale occurs then price will be adjusted upwards with the top bids being allocated tokens.
  • Two Offering Rounds:
         Round 1: TBD - Discounted 50%. 10 million tokens to be issued
         Round 2: TBD - 1 billion tokens to be issued.


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Meet Our Team

Raghu Bala
CEO, Director
NetObjex CEO Raghu Bala was previously an executive with Yahoo, Infospace, PwC, and with 3 successful startup exits. He also teaches MIT Sloan School of Business/Computer Science and AI Laboratory’s course on the Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Business, as well is a Tutor for MIT's Blockchain course. Mr. Bala was winner of 2016 Best Abstract in Best Wearable Medical Device category at the AI in Medicine conference, and in 1993 winner of the Best Thesis Award on Temporal Databases at the Hartford Graduate Center Conference. He holds an MBA in Finance from Wharton MBA, an MS in Computer Science from RPI, has been a Columbia University Adjunct Lecturer, published author (Microsoft Press, Macmillan) and speaker at several major conferences including IoT Congress, Google IO, and more. Source Interlink Media Aug 1, 2006 - Apr 30, 2014, CTO Various Clients May 1 2014 - Jan 20 2017, Technical Consultant NetObjex Inc, Jan 21 2017-Present, CEO
Priya Krishnamurthy
Member of Board of Directors
2015-present NetObjex as a Member of Board of Directors 2013-15 President of Castlerock Holdings LLC 2010-2013 President of Fanggle
Dr. Nambi Seshadri
Member of the Board of Advisors
Ex CTO of Broadcom
Georgey Jacob
Director of Growth/Marketing
Team Member of NetObjex
Mohan Raman
VP Operations
Team Member of NetObjex
Mahesh Nair
Director of Sales/Partnerships
Team Member of NetObjex
Tittu Varghese
Director of Technology
Team Member of NetObjex
Tung Hoang
IoT Architect
Team Member of NetObjex
Duong Nguyen
Blockchain Architect
Team Member of NetObjex
Hung Nguyen
Development Manager
Team Member of NetObjex
Sreeraj Sudhakaran
Director of Blockchain Labs
Team Member of NetObjex
Harish Kamat
Director of Business Development South Asia
Team Member of NetObjex
Flavio Calonge
Director of Business Development Latin America
Team Member of NetObjex
Paul Price
Corporate Counsel
Team Member of NetObjex
Shy Meirovitch
IoT Hardware Design Engineer
Team Member of NetObjex
Balaji Raghunathan
VP IoT Operations & Logistics
Team Member of NetObjex
Francois Lindsay
Industrial Design Engineer for IoT Devices
Team Member of NetObjex

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